Diabetes and Skin Dryness

Diabetes patient suffer from skin problems like dry skin and infections, there is no particular reason for this problem, but it is believed that patients with uncontrolled level of blood sugar are prone to skin disease. There is no cure for this disease but with proper measures, this problem can be controlled. First thing, they need to have a proper control over blood glucose level which is the prime cause for skin dryness. Consulting doctor for skin problem and following the prescription would reduce the dryness in skin to a greater extent. If the skin dryness is left unnoticed, this could result in fungal or bacterial infection and itchy skin.

Dry Skin and Diabetes

Complications of skin dryness

Special skin care is required for the diabetes patients who are affected by diabetic neuropathy, because due to the numbness, they might not feel the dryness in the skin and eventually that will result in cracks, infection or tear.  If diabetes patients develop any sort of skin infection or cuts, it would take lot of time to heal, because diabetes acts opposite in healing the wounds. In such case, it is suggested to take proper medication for the skin infections. Sometimes cuts or tears in the skin tend to damage the tissue under the skin by causing infection. Winter season is the worst season for diabetes patient, because during winter they feel more dryness in the skin and itching would be increased.  Topical antibiotic should be always available with the patient and use it whenever they get hurt in the skin.

Precautionary measures to avoid skin dryness

Proper skin care is vital to avoid dryness in skin, so it is advisable to follow the below instructions to take a good care of the skin.

  • Always prefer warm water over hot water for shower and cleansing.
  • Mild soaps are preferable.
  • Applying good moisturizer after shower will help the skin to retain wetness.
  • Avoid using any sort of aromatic cleansers or deodorant or feminine hygiene sprays, because the fragrances present in them can cause irritation to the skin. Rather warm water and mild soaps could be used for cleansing.
  • Always use soft towel to dry the skin and do not rub the skin.
  • It is suggested to properly cover the body parts which are easily exposed to cuts or infections, as it takes long time to heal.
  • Avoid scratching the skin, because there are chances for cuts in the skin which results in tissue damage or infection in tissue.Dry Skin and Diabetes
  • Using humidifier in the winter season will help in protect the skin from drying and reduce itching in the skin.
  • Even the skin in the scalp tend to get dry on taking shower in hot water and on using heavy shampoo, so it is always better to use mild shampoo for shower.