Arrested for Time Out

Mug Shot We’ll, it’s official. Zoe Paige McCormick was arrested for time out for assauting her brother Wade by placing a large bite on his arm. The incident occurred the morning of February 26th. Investigations have led to no conclusions, however, it is speculated Wade attempted to steal a toy from Zoe. The case remains …

The family

Christmas was such a wonderful time this year. Christmas eve was shared with David’s family. Christmas afternoon was spent with my side of the family. Here is a group shot we took. The babies were cranky and tired but we did manage to get a good shot.


Luke, Zoe, and Wade – 1 year old Olivia – 1 year old Luke, Zoe, and Wade – 2 years old Luke,Zoe, and Wade – 3 years old Luke Zoe Wade – 4 years old Olivia – 2 years old (Joint Party)